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A very boring post

I’ve been very busy lately (with nothing, really) and i didn’t had time to write a fucking post.

So, i was chillin’ around and watching „=3” on youtube (btw, if you don’t know what this is, go check this out: RayWilliamJohnson) and found some cool videos and i was like, ok, this has to go on my boring blog, but then i just realized that is just not right.

Putting videos from youtube on my blog is just one of my rules of *NOT TO* because i’m thinking that putting context just to fill out a post is totally wrong and gay. Aaaa, it’s just wrong.

BTW, i has mosquitoes, anyone can help me with that?

So, i’m actually trying to make my first post in a foreign language here, as you can see (my blog is in romanian language) hopefully, this will attract more visitors. NOOOOOOOOOT!

Ok, so here are some cool videos that i like and i found them funny, check them out and let me know if you liked it:

Numero 1:

So this guy is like dancing and STRUTTIN’ THAT ASS. Woot ASS? Its just a show pig attitude?!  It’s fucking hillarious!

Numero 2:

So this apparently is a commercial for Xbox. No s**t! Microsoft is like, a HUGE company with billions of dollars and they made such a shitty commercial? No wonder they’re sucking balls on creativity! Someone just threw a funny comment on it, and it goes like this: „js00981213: congrats on making a flying son”

Yes. This 2 videos are made to make your day easier (is it?). And yet, the next video is made for showing of some skills. This guy is like, the most genious man from NASA. I know, it’s nothing new or great, but this guy made something very sick in Virtual DJ using only his keyboard and mouse. Some sounds than even a DJ with a mixer and a turntable couldn’t make. Check it out:

So this is my first post in english, let me ask you something:



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