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Insane Trip – Hollow Hostel – Part two

He screamed so hard as the pain was increasing, almost making him to fade and pass out but, somehow, he managed to stay focused and in a split of a second, more from instinct at that moment, he banged his back into the concrete wall. One, two, three times! The creature was holding on but he could actually feel it was letting him go, slowly. Four, five, six! His elbows started to bleed from the bruises but from all that adrenaline he didn’t noticed. He tries again, banging by the concrete wall and cursing in the same time: „Come on, you fuck!”
The dog was visibly shaken from all those encounters with the wall and on a last attempt to smash it once more, he loses the loot and falls on the floor like a piece of dead meat.

– Have to get out of here! This thing might get up sooner than later.

He grabbed the railing and limped downstairs increasing the pace with each step he took, feeling in the same time that his knee was failing to cooperate. When he had a few stairs until the forth floor, he heard a noise coming from the upper staircase. He panicked and he missed one step, falling on the ground. Excruciating pain coming from his knee, made him think at the dog he left behind. The pain was unbearable and it could easily compete with the one he felt earlier if such a contest was held. He could barely get up and he was doing superhumanly efforts to at least get in a safe place. The creature, still dizzy from the treatment, climbed down the stairs slowly but with the same madness in his eyes.
He scanned the area around, saw a partially opened door from room 405 and tried to crawl towards it. The dog made progress on the stairs and it was pretty close to him when he understood that his plan will not succeed. He was ready to fight the creature again although this time he had a handicap, but the dog was also weakened. The creature caught him off guard somehow and jumped towards him once more, as if it was the last effort of killing him! His eyes were closed at the moment the dog decided to attack him because he didn’t wanted to assist or see his own death. He was prepared to let go and move away from this nightmare, hoping that everything is just a dream and he could actually wake up and turn the iPod’s volume a little bit lower.
But just when he felt the dog’s breath, a pretty close gun shot sound woke him up.

– Whew! You had luck there, mister! These dogs are pretty dangerous, how did you managed to take care of it without any guns?
– Wh…who are you?
– Well my name is not important now, cowboy. We need to get you somewhere safe and take care of those wounds. And the hallway is nowhere near safe. Here, let me help you to get up.
– Thanks, but please be careful because it hurts like hell!
– OK, put your hand over my neck and don’t scream. There are many things you could wake up if you do!

They went inside room 405 and close the door behind them. The lights were turned on. He was in a really bad shape from the dog’s bite, he lost a pretty good amount of blood and his knee didn’t looked so well either.

– I’m Emina, by the way! What’s your name?
– Danny. Nice to meet you!

Emina was a beautiful young girl, probably around 22-23 years old, judging by her perfectly tanned and unwrinkled skin. She had long, curled red hair and a great shaped body with a cleavage so generous, that it would turn every man’s head on the streets.

– I am clearly dreaming now! He said.
– What’s wrong, Danny?
– Ermm…nothing! Don’t mind me, I am still shocked by what happened, says Danny, avoiding an embarrassing moment.

She noticed, however, that he was attracted by her looks and continued the conversation:
– You like these babies, huh? said Emina, touching her boobs lascivious.
– Erm… Yeah, they are awesome! said Danny, visible embarrassed by the situation.
– Well, keep your focus straight, mister! We need to fix you fast if we don’t want to get caught by the Hounds.
– The who!? says Danny.
– No time to explain now. Sit down and hold still so I can patch your back for good. It doesn’t look too great!

While she was behind him, he turned and looked at her. He was attracted by her from the moment they encountered and she shared the same sentiment. They clicked and next time you know, they kissed! A long, soft and juicy kiss!
The light blinked for a few seconds, interrupting this romantic moment. He panicked and stopped! The room 405 had a door that led in a somewhat big hall room – like a ball or dinner room. The light blinked once more and he jumped from its chair, like he was ready to go.

– It happens a lot, here. I once had no electricity for a few days! Good thing that I had my flashlights charged, said Emina, although she was only trying to make him feel better.

The light went out for good on a third try and he could actually feel all the horror gathering inside the room.

– Stick close to me and don’t make a sound! said Emina, looking inside her bag for those flashlights.
– OK, but hurry up with the light, please!

While she was trying to find a way to illuminate the room faster, the door leading to the ball room, opened slowly with a squeaky and long noise. They froze! The tension was building up until at a point where they were unable to move since they didn’t knew what is going on, or who opened the door.

– Emina? he whispered slowly!
– Eminaa? a second whisper!
– Eminaaaaaaaa?!

To be continued.



2 gânduri despre &8222;Insane Trip – Hollow Hostel – Part two&8221;

  1. Fantastic write up. Sex expected in part 3, don’t let me down xD

    Scris de Soham | 27 noiembrie, 2013, 4:07 pm

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