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Insane Trip – Hollow hostel – Part one

And he wasn’t doing anything really, just lived the life how it was. It took every part of it and destroying it, trying to understand the meaning of it. It was hard, he knew that. But at least he was making its way out of the ordinary. Not with his appearance, because frankly, he never wanted to be in the spotlight, but rather with his own mind. Many people saw him as a good and humble person and he had a power to make them follow.

Sleepless from last night, he woke up mainly because the iPod was too loud. Not a good way to start the morning after such a night. „What am I doing here? Why do I keep waking up in this dream?”, he said.

*Knock knock knock* – someone was at the door, waiting.

– Who’s there?, he said, a bit scared than anything else.

– Come on, wake up and let’s go!

When he opened the door, no one was there, nothing. He rushed to its right and hovered over the balcony; the building door was closed. No one went outside of the building.

– I must go insane! What the fuck was that? Need to fully wake up, I think.

He closed the door behind him and started to take his clothes off, throwing them wherever they landed. He didn’t cared at that time. Opened the bathroom door and turned the faucet to its left. The shower went sprinkling like a mad man on his whole body, with nothing else than cold water. He didn’t feel it. Tried to reach the shampoo on his right but couldn’t. He opened his eyes and finally grabbed it but when he tried to pour it in its palm, tiny spiders dropped from the shampoo container. He got scared and shook his hand quickly, but when he looked down trying to detect them, he realized that the shampoo was all over the floor.

– Well that’s something interesting. Maybe this is a nightmare from which I can’t wake up.

After this shocking therapy, the cold water started to make its way, invading its pores. This time he really felt it and within a matter of seconds he switched to hot water but it was in vain. He could not feel the hot water even though it was turned on. He felt the cold water, the chill, the goosebumps, but he was unable to feel the heat. He tried to switch it back and forth, cursing in the same time.

– Damn repair man, I told him this piece of shit is not working.

But it wasn’t the repair man’s fault. A punch into the faucet and the water started to transform into blood. Scared, he tried to get out of the bathroom but he slipped on the shampoo which was „glued” on the floor and the water wasn’t helping. He managed to get on his knees and ran outside. He immediately realized that the light from its room went out and when he tried to switch it on, the power switch was nonexistent. He started to scream but no one could have heard him. He was all alone in the hostel. No one was checked in and he was at the fifth floor. His body started to shiver and the hair from its back was tingling. He was getting nervous and scared. Using his senses and orientation he managed to take some clothes from the closet and put them on.

Blindfolded by the darkness, he tried to pull the curtains from the windows but there were no windows. The room started to transform and he managed to see the light pouring in from the key hole like a savior. Rushed through it and slipped again, this time on the blood that was trying to make its way out of the bathroom. In that momentum, he grabbed the door knob and landed on his left knee almost crushing it. He felt some bones breaking but there was no time to grieve.  Somehow, he managed to get out of that room but the light on the hallway was dimmed.

– At least here I can see something. What the fuck just happened in that room?

He checked his left knee and realized that he was unable to run. He turns his head to the right, he sees the staircase and the opportunity to run from this nightmare. He then turns left where the light wasn’t on, because he could hear a growling. Its heartbeat starts to increase its pace, almost ripped his chest open by the feel of terror. He freezes. From that corner of the hallway he could distinguish two small sparkling eyes. Growling and mumbling, these two eyes were coming closer and closer but he couldn’t move. He could barely see what’s hidden in that darkest corner but he tried to focus harder and after a while he was able to distinguish a shape. When the creature was near he realized it is actually a bulldog, a mad one, with his slobbery teeth ready for action. He shook off the frozen state that caught him and started to run towards the staircase but the knee was in a bad shape so he started leaping towards it. The creature came close, so close that it ripped his pants at the bottom, he grabbed the railing but he fell off the stairs, like a barrel of wine. The dog jumped towards him and he grabbed him with his hands, but the creature was at a few centimeters away from its face, barking, growling and trying to rip him apart. He struggled to keep him off, somehow, but the dog seemed much more powerful than he actually was. Threw him into the wall and tried to get on his feet to continue its journey on the staircase, but not long after he grabbed the railing, the creature jumped on his back and inserted his slobbery teeth in his collar bone, sending him into a roller coaster of pain.

To be continued.



3 gânduri despre &8222;Insane Trip – Hollow hostel – Part one&8221;

  1. Wow. This is some intense shit of a story that I read here. Some grammatical mistakes but they font matter. Keep it up dude.

    Scris de Soham | 17 noiembrie, 2013, 12:33 pm
  2. Yeah, my grammar is not that good but you get the picture :). Thanks! Next part comes in a few days!

    Scris de 1ceb0x | 17 noiembrie, 2013, 12:35 pm

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